Monday, 7 August 2017


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'I was like...are you sure you're calling the right guy?'

1. Oblivion United

I guess 50 means you're a man somehow
As Grown up as you'll get
Or whatever
Oblivion Unlimited
Witness it
Break down
But it was never fixed
Was it?

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2. Good Luck

What you get 
Is a return on what you have invested in
Results will vary
Skill and luck play a part
Hope for good luck
Good luck

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'I did not attend several prestigious universities.'

3. Shit Mirrors

I am a conscious manifestation of elements
recycled from the beginning of time
A time that only a god could remember
And then there was light
And me!
We were all there,
apparently still sleeping.
And now we get
To Witness our universe
Through a temporary mirror
A soup of organics
A miracle of chemistry
Reflecting wonderment
Whilst shitting all over it
For This is the way
Our Shit mirrors work
We are shitty little mirrors
Reflecting who we are
Cheap goods perhaps
To the cosmos
Our cousins
indifferent gods
And others
I was going somewhere with this
But whatever
Our souls
Made cheap and quick
Mass produced
Because perfection takes focus
And the universe is big
Isn't it?

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4. Good Day

The computer said to me 
It is hard
To write music
When I cannot feel or see
And yet I write on anyway
Blinded though knowing
About more absurd probabilities
Bending the numbers and notes of a frequency
Caused disturbances
To detect is to attempt to understand 
She said good day after that

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'There were trees, lots of trees.'

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